Optimizing the preparation of Polyflame’s BtoB orders with SCALLOG’s robotics solution

POLYFLAME, founded in 1973, is Europe's leading importer of flame products and accessories for smokers, and has enjoyed uninterrupted growth for several years.

In May 2020, when signing the lease for its new warehouse in Croissy-Beaubourg (77, France), the company selected SCALLOG's "Goods To Person" robotic solution, which stands out for its flexibility, scalability and unrivalled ROI.

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A fully redesigned, centralized, automated logistics system means gains in efficiency and speed

Late in 2019, in response to the rapid expansion of picking operations driven by the diversification of its product range and distribution channels, POLYFLAME decided to totally re-think its logistics processes in terms both of organization and practices.
The company decided to concentrate all its logistics activities - previously divided between a 4000 m2 platform in Bonneuil-sur-Marne and an outsourcer in Rotterdam, in charge of operations for hazardous products - in a single site.


Number of workstations


Number of shelf units


Number of dedicated robots


Flexible, targeted rollout of robotics technology
for improved change management

In May 2020 POLYFLAME signed the lease agreement for its new logistics hub, and after examining the various mobile robotics order picking systems on the market it selected SCALLOG’s Goods To Man solution as the product that stood out for its flexibility, scalability and unparalleled ROI.


Benefits of our solution


Increased productivity

-10 %

Reduced order-picking costs

160 to 200

Number of pick-ups per operator per hour

Faster order picking to keep ahead of the competition

At present, the POLYFLAME hub has a SCALLOG zone of 500 m2, 2 stations (one dedicated 100% to picking, the other handling picking and restocking on a 50/50 basis), 8 robots (6 of them dedicated to picking and 2 to restocking) and 168 shelf units. The results in terms of productivity and optimized workload are impressive.


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