SCALLOG robotics solutions as part of the new diversification strategy of Laboratoires Boiron!

Laboratoires Boiron has reinvented itself to bounce back after the withdrawal of state subsidies for homeopathic remedies in 2021 and the absence of winter ailments due to the Covid crisis and the attendant lockdown and protective measures.
  • Diversification of its business
  • Consolidation of its historic market
  • Acceleration of its international expansion

In its search for new growth vectors, the world’s leading producer of homeopathic remedies Boiron restructured in 2020 to accelerate the launch of new homeopathic products, win new markets in herbal remedies, dietary supplements, Covid-19 self-test kits and more… all as a launch-pad for increased international sales.
To rise to the challenges associated with the new business model, Laboratoires Boiron also made changes to its logistics operations in 2020. These changes address tools and teams, with a new 18,000 m² global distribution platform in Olmes, equipped with Reflex warehouse management technology and Goods to Man robotics solutions by SCALLOG, including 4 picking stations, 830 mobile shelf units, and 30 BOBY robots.

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After the withdrawal of homeopathic products from the healthcare reimbursement scheme in France, Boiron bounces back with a new look.

Founded in 1932 and with its head office near Lyon, Boiron is a French pharmaceutical research laboratory with a humanist outlook, specializing in the design, production and distribution of homeopathic remedies.
Laboratoires Boiron first expanded into the international market in the 1980s. 100% of its products are made in France. Boiron has 19 subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas and, more recently, Asia. Its products are sold in 40 countries.
In July 2019, Laboratoires Boiron was badly hit by the removal of homeopathic products from the list of healthcare products qualifying for reimbursement under social security provisions in France. The move rapidly impacted the company’s sales of healthcare products in France – 60% of its business volume – and sent a clear message of hostility to natural medicine to other countries. And yet 300 million patients and 400,000 healthcare professionals use homeopathic remedies!
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Reinvent and bounce back


Chapter 2

Implementing a robotics solution 


Chapter 3

Opening up new possibilities with SCALLOG

Boiron: Olmes logistics platform

Our logistics platform located in Les Olmes (69) has a major innovation: an automated system for preparing retail orders for our local facilities but also for export. Thus, on a surface of 5000 sqm evolve 30 robots made in France from our partner Scallog.


Implementing a robotics solution in the Olmes distribution platform for "Smart" productivity!

After approaching a consulting firm for advice, in late 2018 Boiron decided to opt for SCALLOG’s Goods to Man Starter Kit. With this solution, items are conveyed to a person, not a station. For Boiron, it was exactly the simple, smart, flexible and affordable solution it was looking for.
Philippe Posa adds:
«We were won over by the real flexibility and scalability of the SCALLOG robotics solution - for a price two or three times lower than a conventional computer-integrated handling system. Extra shelf units can rapidly be sent to the SCALLOG zone to multiply our storage capacity by ten, and extra robots can be deployed to absorb spikes in workflow. »



The benefits of the solution

X 3

Multiplied productivity

+ 30 %

more storage space

< 2 years

guaranteed return on investment

Opening up new possibilities with SCALLOG at the heart of a high-performance logistics machine

Thanks to the SCALLOG solution, Boiron can enjoy all the advantages of standardization, simplification and optimization of picking operations for small orders with perfect equilibrium of productivity, quality and improved working conditions.

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