Is your warehouse ready for omnichannel?

Whereas traditionally the various distribution channels are kept separate in a multi-channel approach, the entire market is continuing its shift towards omnichannel logic, where the warehouse must manage order preparation, product returns and stock replenishment for all sales channels.

This is a major change, forcing logisticians to handle an increasing number of small orders while stocking a large number of items, some of which have a low turnover rate.

Omnichannel logic adds new constraints
constraints on existing warehouses. These
These must evolve to meet the ever-increasing expectations of customers and principals.

Find out how to master omnichannel issues with peace of mind, thanks to SCALLOG's order picking solution.

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Delivery times, availability and follow-up ... Omnichannel to meet your customers' expectations

The expectations of e-commerce customers go beyond logistics. Prospects are very sensitive to :

  • Free delivery

  • The possibility of knowing if the product is in stock

  • D+1 delivery

  • Permanent visibility of order processing, from payment to delivery

  • Accuracy and respect for delivery times

While Omnichannel makes it possible to meet all these requirements, the system requires the implementation of automation solutions.

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Part 1

Automation as a response to the challenges.

Part 2

Good to Man" by Scallog.

Part 3

Putting people at the heart of logistics systems.

Part 4

Your automation project.

Today's automation market

Today, only 11% of warehouses are equipped

Why so few?

  • Product heterogeneity
  • Difficulty managing seasonal variations: holidays, sales, Black Friday...
  • Warehouse rental time management

Order-picking automation such as that offered by Scallog can improve warehouse productivity and manage all these issues, with an ROI within 2 years.

Today's automation market



Increased productivity


Gain in storage capacity

2 years

Fast payback

A Goods to man solution specialist

Mobile robots move under the shelves and bring them to the workstations.

This enables the operator to focus completely on picking the products indicated by the Scallog system, and concentrate his or her added value on order picking.

A Goods to man solution specialist

The added value of mobile shelving

Here are a few advantages to bear in mind:

  • the "mobile shelving" system is the cheapest and quickest to install.
  • Process gains: picking with direct boxing, no need for pickers.
  • Improved customer service: reduced or zero order-picking errors.

In terms of cost, benefit and use, the "Mobile Shelving" system is THE solution for efficiently automating your logistics.

The added value of mobile shelving

Our mobile robot: part of a complete solution!

  • Navigation: infrastructure-free
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 640 x 450 mm
  • Weight: 150 kg (incl. battery)
  • Max. load: 600 kg
  • Maximum speed: ~ 5 km/h
  • Batteries: 14h - Li-ion (NMC)
  • Control: WIFI
  • Charging: automatic
  • Operation: 24 h / 7 d
Our mobile robot: part of a complete solution!

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