How has Bricolux revolutionised its intralogistics?

A school and educational materials wholesaler since 1973, Bricolux is a leading household name in the education and childhood sectors in French-speaking Belgium and Luxembourg.
From April to June, 80% of all orders are placed online by professionals. They are then delivered before 1 September.
Having clocked in 50 orders per day during lockdown, Bricolux’s online store is drawing in a new profile of customers in ever increasing numbers: individuals.
Bricolux puts many selling points forward to professionals working with children, its traditional target market.
To ensure its turnover continues to grow, the brand is choosing to focus on :
  • Adding over 1,000 new Fine Art and Nursery products to its range
  • diversifying its customer base
  • providing excellent service throughout the year

As a proponent of controlled innovation, the company is searching for the best technological compromise that would solve its logistics issues and help to fulfil its ambitions.
Bricolux wants to benefit from agile and high-performing intralogistics in which order preparation plays a key role!
Scallog technology appears to be the ideal solution.
Is the start of the new school year an important period for your business and turnover?

Because of intralogistics not keeping up with the pace, you are forced to get too far ahead of the game?

Are you afraid that preparing for this period will be too much for your employees?

Find out how, in just 3 months, by changing its intralogistics, Bricolux is getting ready for the back-to-school rush!

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A necessary intralogistics evolution

From warehouse management to order preparation optimisation, logistical efficiency and agility are key factors in ensuring Bricolux keeps personal and business customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Bricolux must face :

  • the management of peaks of activity
  • the level of demand of its customers
  • the diversification of orders

In order to build lasting customer loyalty, the wholesaler also wanted :

  • to guarantee B2B customers next-day delivery throughout the year for their replenishment orders
  • to improve its online store logistics to attract more B2C customers.

Part 1

A necessary intralogistics evolution


Part 2

From the Poc to the logistics evolution


Part 3

Increase logistical agility and efficiency


Part 4

Instant benefits

From the Poc to the logistics evolution

When it came to choosing Scallog’s Goods-to Man robotic solution, what stood out for Bricolux was the ability to test the solution “in the field” in order to get to grips with the technology, win employees over, and demonstrate the solution’s benefits in a tangible manner.

It motivated the installation of Scallog's robots in the Bricolux warehouse, thus initiating the overhaul of the logistics organization in terms of :

  • flows
  • operator's productivity
  • amount of moving around they are required to do


Increase logistical agility and efficiency

  • reduction in the drudgery of the work.
  • reduction in the error rate in order preparation
  • “automated storage” feature improves stock management, making it more precise and responsive
  • ease of integration and use for operators

The "Goods-to-Man" solution perfectly aligns with our needs in terms of saving space, and optimising speed and quality in preparing our orders.


LP-Etude-de-cas -Scallog-Bricolux-prépare-rentrée-3mois(3)

Benefits of our solution

X 3

multiplied productivity

+ 30 %

additional storage space

< 2 years

a guaranteed return on investment

Instant benefits

Thanks to Scallog’s Goods-to-Man robotic solution, merchandise is transported to the operators by robots.

This allows them to simultaneously prepare 48 order boxes, all with “one day’s advance”.

This solution :

  • optimises the entire order preparation process
  • speed it up
  • renders it more seamless from start to finish

The Scallog technology lends Bricolux greater responsiveness and an efficient order preparation process, notably during peak periods.

LP-Etude-de-cas -Scallog-Bricolux-prépare-rentrée-3mois (2)

Our two Scallog solutions


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