AIRBUS is significantly stepping up its production, and the Groupe BLONDEL Rochefort site is all set for the increased workload with SCALLOG

By 2025 AIRBUS aims to reach levels of output never before seen in the history of aeronautics. As resident logistics partner to the European aerospace giant, Groupe BLONDEL has recently deployed SCALLOG’s robotics solution : to obtain a fivefold increase in the productivity of its warehouse personnel in charge of picking operations, while improving their working conditions at the same time!

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Combining innovation and CSR to improve performance: the philosophy of the BLONDEL Group!

The BLONDEL Group is a supply chain expert specializing in industrial logistics, and AIRBUS is one of its leading clients. BLONDEL places its human capital at the heart of its CSR policy in its pursuit of an ambitious objective: a business volume of 300 million euros in 2023. Currently undergoing strong growth – over 45% in the space of 5 years – BLONDEL is a family-owned group with a workforce of 3000 and over 400,000 m2 in warehousing surface distributed across 40 sites, 12 of which are dedicated to industrial logistics in the service of 80 clients in France, the Maghreb and Canada.

BLONDEL’s Rochefort site is the jewel in the crown of its aerologistics division. As logistics provider to AIRBUS, it shares the conviction of the parent company that the primary objective of innovation is to improve working conditions for employees - with a consequent gain in performance.

After AIRBUS announced in 2021 that it would be stepping up production, the BLONDEL Group decided to equip its Rochefort facility with an automation solution enabling it to accelerate its picking operations and improve working conditions for its employees. In addition to the ability to manage significant volumes, the solution makes picking operations less arduous, eliminates the need to move around, prevents stress and musculoskeletal disorders, and reduces the need for shift work, frequently the source of stress and other problems.


Number of workstations installed



Number of dedicated mobile shelves



Number of dedicated robots


Tried and tested technology from a partner whose culture and values we share - that’s the Goods to Man solution by SCALLOG!

With SCALLOG’s Goods to Man robotics solution, robots carry the requested items to the operators on mobile shelf units. For BLONDEL, faced with the need to step up its productivity without compromising on working conditions, the SCALLOG solution was exactly what it was looking for. 

Sélectionner une technologie éprouvée et un partenaire ayant une culture et des valeurs communes, la solution Goods to Man de SCALLOG !

The benefits of the SCALLOG solution for the Groupe Blondel on its Rochefort site


Increase in productivity

+30 %

Storage area optimization


Order picking errors reduction

Managing change by getting employees involved right from the outset!

Management at the Rochefort site got involved right from the start of the project to inform employees of the challenges, objectives and benefits of a robotics solution - notably improved working conditions and far fewer errors, a major source of stress. After selecting the SCALLOG system, the BLONDEL Group applied the Kaizen method of continuous improvement (Kai – change; Zen – good) to get its employees on board with every stage in the adoption of new processes and practices. 


Optimizing productivity and quality of life in the workplace: the BLONDEL Group’s winning combination!

The Rochefort site now accommodates a SCALLOG-equipped automated warehouse of 515 m² surface area, with 2 picking stations, 6 Boby robots and 176 mobile shelf units holding 10,000 SKUs - over 40% of the items processed - and accounting for over 50% of the site’s picking operations. By 2024, the SCALLOG solution is expected to handle 80% of picking operations in the warehouse. The BLONDEL Group has already improved its storage efficiency by over 30% and achieved a twofold increase in productivity at its Rochefort site. The final objective - a fivefold increase in productivity - should be reached in 2024 after the full rollout of the SCALLOG solution. Another benefit: as every stage of the picking operation is monitored by the system, picking errors have fallen by 85%. 


A mobile robot named Boby 

  • Navigation: no infrastructure
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 640 x 450 mm
  • Weight: 150 kg (including battery)
  • Max. load: 600 kg
  • Max. speed: ~ 5 km/h
  • Batteries : 14h - Li-ion (NMC)
  • Control : WIFI
  • Charge: automatic
  • Operating : 24 h / 7 d

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