SCALLOG at the heart of the Goupe BLONDEL's productivity to manage the ALKOR Group's activity peaks

Groupe BLONDEL’s Valence platform which is in charge of all the logistics flows of the ALKOR Group in the South of France, has to absorb seasonal sales peaks, while honoring a D+1 delivery.

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Combining innovation and CSR to increase performance, the credo of the BLONDEL Group!

Since spring 2022, Groupe BLONDEL's Valence platform, with a surface area of 24,000 m2 and a workforce of 80 operators, has been managing all logistics flows, from reception to dispatch - more than 7,000 lines on average per day - and the storage of supplies - more than 18,000 references - for the ALKOR Group, a cooperative specializing in stationery, office and school supplies with well-known brands such as BUROLIKE, OFFICE DEPOT...

Because of the seasonal nature of the ALKOR Group's business, the Valence platform has to absorb an intense peak of activity from June to August, before the start of the school year; in the high season, more than 20,000 lines are carried out per day and 140 logistics operators are mobilized for delivery on the next day in the South of France! To absorb the peaks in BtoB activity and the growth in BtoC retail order preparation at the Valence platform, Groupe BLONDEL has just deployed SCALLOG’s Goods to Person solution - 800 mobile shelves transported by 25 "Boby" robots to 6 picking/ replenishment stations - with a view to gaining productivity and agility while improving the working conditions of its operators.


Number of workstations


Number of shelf units


Number of dedicated robots


Automate to respect the lead time and the customer's promise of a D+1 delivery!

Accelerating order picking preparation times is one of the keys for Groupe BLONDEL Valence to meet its cut-off constraints, i.e. to absorb two order flows, one at 9 p.m. and the other at 1 p.m., which must be completed before 6 p.m., the time when the trucks leave for delivery the next day in the South of France.




Increase in productivity


Number of simultaneous commands per operator

170 To 200

Number of pickings per operator and per hour

Increase your productivity by a factor of 4, while reducing the factors of arduousness!

As of spring 2023, Groupe BLONDEL’s Valence platform will have a new 3,000 m2 automated warehouse, including 6 picking/ replenishment stations, 25 robots and 800 mobile shelves, which will house 10,000 ALKOR Group class A, B and C references.


Optimiser la productivité et la Qualité de vie au Travail, le duo gagnant du Groupe BLONDEL !

In 2024, the SCALLOG automated warehouse should absorb 80% of pickings. The BLONDEL Group has already seen a storage optimization of more than 30% and a productivity multiplied by 2 on the Rochefort site.

Another benefit, easement errors have been reduced by 85%; the storekeeper being accompanied at all stages.


A mobile robot named Boby 

  • Navigation: no infrastructure
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 640 x 450 mm
  • Weight: 150 kg (including battery)
  • Max. load: 600 kg
  • Max. speed: ~ 5 km/h
  • Batteries : 14h - Li-ion (NMC)
  • Control : WIFI
  • Charge: automatic
  • Operating : 24 h / 7 d

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