MDS, France's leading book distributor, relies on the SCALLOG robotic solution to serve its BtoB customers as quickly and cost-effectively as possible!


MDS, a subsidiary of Media Participations, is preparing for the back-to-school season and the holiday season by optimizing its logistics to serve its 15,000 BtoB customers. With a catalog of over 60,000 items, including 3,000 to 4,000 new releases every year, the company distributes to booksellers, cultural superstores, mass retailers and e-commerce companies such as Amazon. Thanks to its 35,000 m² automated warehouse in Dourdan, equipped with SCALLOG's "Goods to Person" robotic solution, MDS ships over 70 million books every year, ensuring rapid deliveries within 24/48 hours. The gains include high productivity, high storage density and a significant reduction in the drudgery of logistics tasks, all with moderate investment.


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Dourdan – an automated distribution hub in keeping
with MDS's aim

MDS is owned by the Média-Participations Group and is a major player in the book distribution sector. Well-known across the press, audiovisual and publishing sectors, the Média-Participations Group recently merged with La Matinière-Le Seuil.

The MDS distribution centre in Dourdan covers some 35,000 m² and has 32 km of shelf storage.

The company currently has more than 15,000 clients – everything from bookstores, supermarkets and e-commerce sites (such as Amazon and – to major cultural centres and tourist sites.




Mobile Shelves

Mobile shelves


Mobile Shelves



Goods to Man – equal to current book distribution challenges

To optimise order preparation costs while at the same time increasing productivity and reliability, more than 60% of what MDS does is being mechanised.

  • optimize order picking costs
  • gain in productivity
  • increase reliability in production.

Indeed, without any kind of robotic assistance, a typical operative walks an average of 10 km per day.

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Benefits of our solution

X 3

multiplied productivity

+ 30 %

additional storage space

< 2 years

a guaranteed return on investment

People and books: central to the drive to automate low-turnover order preparation

The project took place in four key stages:

  • First of all, process definitionand picking and resupply in connection with the workflow automation system,
  • Secondly, creation of the software interfaces
    using Scallog's expertise in this area,
  • Then installation of stations, of the robot
    pathways and the mobile shelf units.
  • Finally, creation of the surface area, installation of equipment, interfacing of the solutions and implementation of the processes. 


Initial gains – from increased operational performance to fewer arduous tasks.

  • Storage space saved – Across the whole mechanised Scallog area, more than 10,000 products are now stored over a small area.

  • Gain in operational performance: Productivity is multiplied by 2.5.

  • Improved working conditions – Operatives no longer need to work their way through the aisles and undertake numerous arduous manual tasks.

« Scallog has distinguished itself by its responsiveness, availability, proximity and above all its agility, at the service of our development »

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