Quadrimóvel: a family business specializingin arts and craft supplies since 1989

Quadrimóvel was founded in 1989 as a producer and vendor of materials for the fine arts and craft markets.

  • Advanced logistics processes for an increasingly complex market
  • Automation - a key component
  • The benefits were bigger than expected

Its factory and distribution hub (6000 m2 surface area and 2000 m2 parking space) are located in Cacém, near Lisbon. A family-owned business, Quadrimóvel has a workforce of over 80 highly-specialized professionals.

It stocks some 60,000 articles in the fine arts, decorative arts and craft paper areas.


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Advanced logistics processes for an increasingly complex market

With an annual business volume of 6.5 million euros, Quadrimóvel’s distribution hub operates from 7 am to 6 pm and prepares over 100 orders and thousands of items every day.

Its logistics operations have to respond to various imperatives: speedy preparation and shipment of orders, increased presence in foreign markets such as Spain, or coping with supply chain fluctuations (which led the company to expand its production activities in its own installations, while increasingly sourcing materials from the European market). Automation is increasingly important in meeting these challenges


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Advanced logistics processes for an increasingly complex market


Part 2

Automation - a key component


Part 3

The benefits were bigger than expected

Automation - a key component in the modernization and innovative logistics processes of Quadrimóvel’s new distribution hub

Quadrimóvel had recently acquired a new warehouse and this allowed it to consider solutions for the automated picking and preparation of orders, something its old warehouse had made difficult.

The decisive differentiating factors with the Scallog solution were its flexibility, compact storage configuration and productivity. Quadrimóvel managed to negotiate a price with Slidelog, Scallog’s distributor in Portugal, that was within the company’s budget.


Benefits of our solution

X 3

multiplied productivity

+ 30 %

additional storage space

< 2 years

a guaranteed return on investment

The benefits were bigger than expected - and they quickly made themselves felt

The Scallog project was green-lit in May 2018 and included 7 robots, 170 mobile shelf units and 2 picking stations.

Implementation of the system was held up by the construction of the new warehouse, including the completion of the new mezzanine and other decisions related with Quadrimóvel’s new WMS, and its launch was delayed until November 2019.


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