Soditra Logistic pioneer of Goods To Person robotization in Belgium

Soditra Logistic, a subsidiary of the Belgian group SD, is a 3PL logistics provider. The company boasts two platforms dedicated to the :
  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Orders preparation
  • Assembly
  • Co-packing
  • E-commerce

These platforms enable Soditra to offer a wide array of high-added-value logistics services.
Spanning a total of 16,800 m², the Nivelles platform (south of Brussels) is looking for more :
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • Expertise in their outsourced logistics services

Nivelles platform offers warehousing and storing in different environments :
  • Heterogeneous
  • Standard
  • Retail
Thanks to this warehouse, Soditra Logistic stands out for its level of performance and service.
The vision of the company? To focus on innovation and sustainability.
A strategy that pays off! These new services, combined with the "Goods To Person" robotization, are attracting more and more new customers.

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Across the millions of picking operations conducted every year at the Nivelles platform, 45% are retail order preparations.

These order preparations :

  • requires time and effort from operators
  • cost more compared to moving pallets
  • requires “zero-error” quality

They were also coming up against a number
of new challenges, notably :

  • seasonal ebbs and flows
  • managing peak periods
  • fulfilling online client commitments
  • the perishable nature of the products handled

In order to reconcile the need to increase productivity and decrease labour intensive work for operators, Soditra Logistic wanted to automate its processes at a reasonable price, without losing in flexibility or agility in light of client base diversification.


A technological solution quickly emerged as being necessary: Scallog’s Goods-to-Person robotic solution.


Part 1

Focusing on innovation and sustainability is Soditra Logistic’s vision


Part 2

Accelerating and increasing reliability in order preparation for a rising number of retail orders


Part 3

Significant reduction in labourintensive tasks


Part 4

Important storage space saving


Part 5

Automating processes to boost productivity


Part 6

Achieving “zero-error” quality in order preparation

Significant reduction in labour intensive tasks

Before, operators could sometimes cover 10 to 12 kilometres daily to pick A, B, and C items, all while preparing up to 6 orders simultaneously.

«After 12 years working in pedestrian mode, the shopper and Scallog combination is simple, modern, and most importantly of all, less labour intensive. »

Etude de cas - Le 3PL Soditra Logistic pionnier de la robotisation Goods To Man en Belgique

Benefits of our solution

X 3

multiplied productivity

+ 30 %

additional storage space

< 2 years

a guaranteed return on investment

Important storage space saving

Thanks to the Scallog automated storage system, Soditra Logistic can combine several clients in a single zone, as opposed to using one zone per client.

As a result, the 3PL provider can now store :

  • 8,000 items across 600 m²
  • rather than the 1,000 m² previously needed

With the Scallog robotic solution, Soditra Logistic has significantly accelerated its order preparation times.

Etude de cas - Le 3PL Soditra Logistic pionnier de la robotisation Goods To Man en Belgique (2)

Achieving “zero-error” quality in order preparation

The Scallog system :

  • improves reliability
  • decreases human error (synonymous with extra cost, extra time, and customer dissatisfaction)

Thanks to the Scallog automated order preparation workstation, operators are supported in all tasks.

Goods-to-Person robotisation allows a real optimisation of goods flows and picking processes, with a ROI within 2 years.

Etude de cas - Le 3PL Soditra Logistic pionnier de la robotisation Goods To Man en Belgique (1)

A mobile robot : Boby 

  • Navigation: without infrastructure
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 640 x 450 mm
  • Weight: 150 kg (including battery)
  • Maximum load: 600 kg
  • Maximum speed : ~ 5 km/h
  • Batteries: 14h - Li-ion (NMC)
  • Control: WIFI
  • Loading: automatic
  • Operation: 24 hours / 7 days
Etude de cas - Le 3PL Soditra Logistic pionnier de la robotisation Goods To Man en Belgique (6)

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