Farmy is speeding up its logistics to deliver fresh and authentic products to a growing customer base

Fresh, local and authentic products on your doorstep, a day after placing your order!”
That’s the promise that the Swiss e-retailer Farmy is making to customers amidst a sharp increase in orders.
Farmy decided to beef up its logistics at its Zurich warehouse using Scallog’s Flexypick robotics solution, with the goal of :
  • Fitting more products into its warehouse space,
  • Accelerating order picking for dry goods,
  • Creating less arduous working conditions for operators.

As Farmy Co-CEO & Co-Founder Roman Hartmann tells us :
"Scallog’s Goods-to-Person robotics solution – mobile shelving brought to operators by robots – is ideally suited for that need, generating a threefold increase in productivity in just a few months, so we can deliver to more and more customers and ensure their satisfaction."

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Farmy is key to what today’s Swiss consumers want !

Fresh products on your doorstep, anywhere in Switzerland” – is ideally suited to meet the expectations of Swiss consumers :

  • Enjoy a fresher, more authentic and more transparent diet
  • Have access to all the information they need on product quality and sourcing
  • Learn what eco-friendly steps producers are taking, especially for imported products such as coffee, cocoa and avocados.

Founded as a start-up in 2014, Farmy already accounts for more than 5% of Switzerland’s grocery market. Its operating methods are rooted in agile organization principles and practices, thanks to digital technology.

Its IT autonomy guarantees that Farmy’s information system is truly configured to deliver on the company’s pledge to customers: delivery within 24 hours or scheduled delivery in two to five days.


Partie 1

Farmy is speeding up its logistics to deliver fresh and authentic products


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Farmy is key to what today’s Swiss consumers want


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Automated intralogistics


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Immediate benefits for productivity !

“Relay race” logistics for delivery within 24 hours !

Just like a relay race, Farmy’s logistics require that order picking be impeccably coordinated :
  • cross docking for fresh products,
  • order picking for dry goods, to guarantee delivery the day after the order is placed.
At Farmy’s three-storey logistics platform in Zurich, operators make the most of every square metre, and every minute counts !

The benefits of our solution

X 3

Multiplied productivity

+ 30 %

more storage space

< 2 years

guaranteed return on investment

Automated intralogistics in an “atypical” space to speed up order picking for dry goods !

In the autumn of 2020, Farmy needed to rethink its logistics. Faced with a surging number of products and customers, the company had to fit more products into its warehouse space, increase its productivity and create less arduous working conditions for its operators.

Roman Hartmann says :

"Apart from the flexibility and scalability of the Flexypick solution, which can be expanded, moved or even duplicated, we were won over by Scallog’s interest and involvement in our project, from listening to our needs to preparing a detailed study, especially compared to the big names in intralogistics who snubbed us because we were just a start-up."



Immediate benefits for productivity !

With the Scallog robotics zone, which encompasses more than 3,000 products, all of the logistics procedures for Farmy’s dry goods and shelf-stable products have been enhanced to yield ongoing improvements in productivity and reliability.
  • the error rate has already been cut by two-thirds
  • picking productivity has increased threefold
  • the storage area holds 25% more products.
By drastically reducing operator movement and providing support to operators at every stage of the order picking process, the Scallog solution ensures that Farmy can speed up production while reducing errors and preventing operator fatigue.

A mobile robot : Boby

  • Navigation : without infrastructure
  • Dimensions : 1000 x 640 x 450 mm
  • Weight : 150 kg (including battery)
  • Maximum load : 600 kg
  • Max speed: ~ 5 km / h
  • Batteries : 14h - Li-ion (NMC)
  • Control : WIFI
  • Loading :  automatique
  • Operation : 24 / 7 
Etude de cas - Le 3PL Soditra Logistic pionnier de la robotisation Goods To Man en Belgique (6)

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